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Coup de Grâce

Any attempt at recovering the bodies was absolutely hopeless.

Holmes wasn't the only one to lie about Reichenbach.Collapse )

Distractions: Prologue

AGOS AU: What if Holmes' scheme to get Mary out of harm's way hadn't gone according to plan?

Read more...Collapse )


Moriarty admires Holmes, after a fashion. That's why he wants to take him apart and see how he works.

Trying to get inside of Moriarty's head for the factory scene in AGOS. It's not a very nice place.Collapse )

Er, hi


Up until about six months ago, I thought playing around with other people's characters was a weird personal method for alleviating writer's block. Then I found out that other people do it. On the internet. In VAST, TERRIFYING QUANTITIES.

Once I recovered from that revelation, I had the crazy idea that I might join in.

As a side note, nice socks are a thing of beauty. Pablo Neruda agrees with me.

Ode To My SocksCollapse )